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Structural Movers Ontario

Before you start planning your move with us, it\’s important you review our service area map.


Commercial and Agricultural Structures

Custom Building Movers Inc. has primarily focused on the movement of houses, but has also moved structures such as rail cars, granaries, tobacco barns, standard pole barns, drive sheds, and garages. Each move is unique because of  location, structure dimensions and obstacles, such as bridges, overhead wires, and railway crossings. We arrange escort services with the local companies involved, so that the move goes smoothly, without any damage to the road, property, or the structure itself. Costs vary from length of the move, height of the structure, and number of railway crossings. Some moves can be more cost effective by traveling across fields rather than public roads. It is possible to travel across fields with permission after harvest if the fields are dry, or in the winter when the ground has ample frost in it.

Costs and Permits

When moving a structure like this, there are many different permits that must be obtained. These permits generally take 6 weeks to be issued and require notification of all local utility companies such as hydro, cable, telephone and local police service. We will arrange the escort service, to ensure the job runs smoothly. The permits and road deposits will vary in cost from town to town, based on the roads being used and the distance being traveled. There may be restrictions on the size of load depending on the season, such as Spring when half-load season is on.

Costs may also vary due to the integrity of the structure. A structure that requires more beams and supports generally will cost more. Reasons for more beams may include varied height in foundations or brick layered structures.

Our Other Services

Home Movers Ontario

This service primarily focuses on house moving. We arrange for an escort service so that moving goes smoothly, without any damage to the road or the house itself.

Structural Raising

Our service of foundation reparation results in the house being lifted using steel beams, and supported while we remove the old foundation and begin to install the new foundation.

Septic System Management

Custom Building Movers Inc. is a licensed septic system installer and specializes in conventional and Waterloo Biofilter systems.