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Structural Raising

Before you start planning your move with us, it\’s important you review our service area map.


The Importance of Your Foundation

Custom Building Movers Inc. wants customers to feel safe and secure that their home are sitting on solid foundations. There are many homes that are in fine condition above ground , but need the foundations replaced. If the foundation cannot breathe properly, the moisture trapped beneath the home can weaken the foundation’s structure to an unstable level. It can weaken the mortar joints of a block or old stone foundation, or weaken the concrete used in a poured wall. This can also lead to other more serious problems such as mold and mildew problems which can affect the health of the occupants.

Soil integrity is also a major cause of foundation failure. Heavy clay soil found in southwestern Ontario is also a major cause of foundation movement leading to foundation failure. Movement of clay happens primarily in the spring, but can happen throughout the year as well. Proper ventilation and drainage can prevent this from occurring in the future if the foundation is repaired. In rare occasion, fault lines are the cause of foundation movement. There is little that can be done to prevent ground movement in this scenario. Homes and cottages on the waterfront built years ago have needed repair because the banks and shores have eroded and left the foundation vulnerable to movement. Some need to be rolled inland to prevent this in the future.

Repairing Your Foundation

The reparation of the foundation usually results in the home being lifted using steel beams, and supported while a new foundation is being installed. When the house has been lifted and properly secured, the old foundation will be removed and preparation for a new one will be started. New footings are the first step. The next step will be at the owner’s discretion. The owner has several options which include block walls, regular poured walls and insulated concrete forms (ICF) walls. Custom Building Movers Inc. is capable of installing regular poured walls and has been trained on installing two different ICF systems. ICF is a newer and more efficient way of forming foundation and upper walls. ICF\’s provide a higher finished R value to a home which can save you money on heating in the future. It is more costly initially however provides you with a fully insulated and strapped basement in the end. Custom Building Movers Inc. has experience in installing all different types of ICF. As a testimonial, the proprietor used an ICF foundation in his own home and highly recommends it.

We are willing to work with other contractors to complete the project how the client requires, whether this means simply lifting the house, or lifting and repairing the foundation.

Our Other Services

Structural Movers Ontario

Although Custom Building Movers Inc. primarily focuses on the service of house moving, we also specialize in moving structures such as granaries, tobacco barns, and garages.

Home Movers Ontario

This service primarily focuses on house moving. We arrange for an escort service so that moving goes smoothly, without any damage to the road or the house itself.

Septic System Management

Custom Building Movers Inc. is a licensed septic system installer and specializes in conventional and Waterloo Biofilter systems.