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Southwestern Ontario’s Structural Movers

Before you start planning your move with us, it’s important you review our service area map.

Structural House Move in Forest Ontario

Welcome to
Custom Building Movers Inc.

Established in 2002 in Southwestern Ontario, Custom Building Movers Inc.’s team specializes in the moving of residential buildings. Operating out of Ridgetown and Blenheim Ontario, we pride ourselves on being a family and community oriented business and strive to provide our customers with the safest and most modern construction practices, with the goal of refurbishing Southwestern Ontario one house at a time. At Custom Building Movers Inc., we focus on structural moving, home moving, and the installation of septic systems.

Our services, structural moving, structural raising, home moving and septic system installation, can be provided to residents across Southwestern Ontario. We treat each of these services with great respect, as we are always seeking to better our trade and deliver the best results for Southwestern Ontario homes and families. Every job is different and the costs vary depending on the service you require, as well as your location in Ontario and the distances that need to be traveled.

Our Services

Structural Movers Ontario

Although Custom Building Movers Inc. primarily focuses on the service of house moving, we also specialize in moving structures such as granaries, tobacco barns, and garages.

House Movers Ontario

This service primarily focuses on house moving. We arrange for an escort service so that moving goes smoothly, without any damage to the road or the house itself.

Structural Raising

Our service of foundation reparation results in the house being lifted using steel beams, and supported while we remove the old foundation and begin to install the new foundation.

Septic System Installation

Custom Building Movers Inc. is a licensed septic system installer and specializes in conventional and Waterloo Biofilter systems.

Are you thinking about moving a house or
getting structural work done?

Moving houses is no small job and there are many questions you should be asking yourself and us. In our Frequently Asked Questions, we look to answer all of the moving questions you might be wondering when deciding on the future of your home. And if we missed a question that you were looking to get answered, or if you simply have any comments, inquiries or concerns on structural moving, raising, home moving or septic system installation in Southwestern Ontario, feel free to Contact Us at any time.

At Custom Building Movers Inc., we strive only for the best in our local communities of Southwestern Ontario. We look forward to hearing from you soon about your structural moving needs.”