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Septic System Installation

Before you start planning your move with us, it\’s important you review our service area map.

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All Your Septic Installation Needs

Custom Building Movers Inc. has been a licensed septic system installer for more than 20 years. We specialize in conventional systems and Waterloo Biofilter Systems. Conventional septic systems are normally used when there is ample space on a property to install a traditional weeping bed. The weeping bed size depends on the soil type, house size and the number of fixture units within the house. Fixture units are calculated by the number of water using amenities in the home. The soil type determines the percolation rate, the rate at which water can be absorbed. The heavier the soil such as clay, the slower the water will be to escape; therefore, a larger bed is required. Sandy loam is the preferred soil type as it can move water away more quickly and requires a smaller bed. Custom Building Movers Inc. has traditionally used Infiltrator Chambers in the installation of conventional septic systems. Infiltrator Chambers are able to reduce the bed size and therefore reduce the cost of the bed itself.

Tertiary treatment units are used when property has limited space or soil is very heavy and would require an enormous weeping or raised bed. This system becomes more cost effective and is often more visually appealing. Custom Building Movers Inc. is a trained installer of Waterloo Biofilter systems and has been installing these septic systems for approximately five years. These systems are a contained unit and have several options. Custom Building Movers Inc.’s most frequently installed septic system uses an above ground cedar shed to treat the wastewater and an area bed to dispose of the clean treated water. The system comes with an alarm to identify any problems that occur with it. Failure of a system both conventional and tertiary treatment will occur when something is introduced to the system that will kill bacteria or inhibit its life process. Please refer to the care and maintenance of a Septic for guidelines.

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