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Our Services

Before you start planning your move with us, it’s important you review our service area map.

What We Specialize In

At Custom Building Movers Inc., we treat each service and job uniquely, taking into full consideration your concerns and needs while completing each project. We look to tailor each service to your exact specifications, while following the safest moving procedures possible. An exact description of each service can be found in the excerpts and page links below.

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What We Do

Structural Moving

Although Custom Building Movers Inc. primarily focuses on the service of house moving, we also specialize in moving structures such as granaries, tobacco barns, and garages. Since each move is unique depending on location, structural dimensions and obstacles, the costs for each structure depends solely on the project and the amount of service required for moving each structure.

Home Moving

This service primarily focuses on house moving. We arrange for an escort service with local companies, so that moving goes smoothly, without any damage to the road, property, or the house itself. When house moving, there are many different permits that must be obtained. Permit costs and road deposits vary between counties, townships, and other municipalities. Service costs also vary depending on the amount of service required; length of the process, height of the house, and number of railway crossings.

Structural Raising

A house may be in fine condition above ground, but with foundations that need replacing down below.  If the foundation cannot breathe properly, consequently the moisture trapped beneath the house can weaken the foundation’s structure to an unstable level. Our service of foundation reparation results in the house being lifted and supported while a new foundation is installed. When the house has been lifted and properly secured, the old foundation will be removed and preparation for a new one will be started and completed.

Septic System Management

Custom Building Movers Inc. has been a licensed septic system installer for several years. We specialize in the service of conventional systems and Waterloo Biofilter systems. Custom Building Movers Inc. has traditionally used Infiltrator Chambers when installing conventional systems. The type of soil and its percolation rate determine the amount of service you need. Soil with less percolation will result in a larger weeking bed for conventional systems. For Waterloo Biofilter systems, we frequently install above ground systems to treat the waste and water.